The LatinFest was born out of the need of representation and exposure of Latin American Art in our school and community. This student-lead project was initiated by Diana Teixeira and Eloy Neira (Peru); Emilia Moscoso (Ecuador), Lucas Longaresi (Brazil); Vivian Naranjo (Chile), Leila Jay, Rafael Luna and Rosa Boshier (USA); and Pablo Leñero (Mexico).

We seek to promote traditional art forms, but also challenge them and expose new ones. We strive for the decolonization of the arts, the mind, and the body. We question what it means to be Latinx. We confront embedded cultural issues such as machismo, xenophobia, and aporophobia.


LatinFest 2019 Production Team

Diana Soto Teixeira – MFA African Music and Dance – Perú
Emilia Moscoso Borja – MFA World Percussion Performance – Ecuador
Leila Jay – MFA Harp Performance –  Germany/ U.S.
Pablo Leñero Archer – BFA Performer/ Composer – México
Eloy Neira – MA Aesthetics and Politics – Perú
Lucas Longaresi – MFA Jazz Performance – Brasil
Allán Fernando Vasquez-Lopez – BFA Music Composition, Music Theory Minor –                     Los Angeles, California (Oaxaca, México)
Vivian Naranjo – MFA Graphic Design – Chile
Brigitte Ugarte – BFA Visual Art – Ecuador/ Colombia/ México/ U.S.
Maria Laura Sandoval – BFA Costume Design – Perú/ Belgium
Daniela Montaño Figueroa  – BFA Experimental Animation – México
Paula Llerena – MFA Film Directing – Ecuador
Rafael Luna – Alum BFA & MFA Music Performance – U.S./México/Colombia
Maria Fernanda Videla – MFA Set Design – Chile
Emmet Webster – BFA Music Performance – Chicano